Piano LessonsWe believe music lessons should not only be effective, but fun and engaging for you. There are no in-house examinations or mandatory benchmarks to achieve. Learn what you want to learn at your own speed.

At Zenith Music, students of any age can enjoy lessons for Guitar, Bass, and Piano in our studio.

You will learn to master your instrument in a comfortable 1-on-1 environment with one of our experienced teachers on a weekly or bi-weekly basis; same time, same place.

Benefits of in-person music education:

  • In person learning allows for a more social experience than you’d have with remote lessons
  • Allows your teacher to better observe your progress and offer guidance on technique such as finger placement, posture, grip, etc.,
  • Access to studio resources
  • An environment that promotes learning and minimizes distractions
  • No delay/lag present in video call formats, allows for playing in sync alongside your instructor

In addition, you can enjoy a student discount on merchandise at Zenith Music